Digital topo graphic mapping.
Geometric design of roads including Plan/Profile/CrossSections/Tables.
Computation of earthwork quantities for road/canals etc.
Conversion of paper drawings into CAD format.
Sale Of Hayatabad, Regi Model Town and Wapda Colony Peshawar Pakistan guide maps for property dealers.
Development of Engineering automation tools.
CivilStrips Certification and Professional training of AutoCAD.

What's New In CivilStrips V06

01 Visually add, remove, change location and modify radius or SE values of PI points from horizontal alignment
02 Auto Detecting centre line for horizontal control
03 Plotting of horizontal alignment from excel data
04 Extraction of cross sections data from 3D PolyLines.
05 No. of options included for extraction Exact values for road edges and shoulders in cross sections
06 Auto arrangement of cross sections for defined lengths
07 extraction of data from existing cross sections and converting it into profile data formats
08 customize visual display of imported points
09 Improved triangulation and contouring modules
10 verification tools for area measurements
11 support for creating internal trenches at super elevated cross sections
12 Auto adjust text heights for text labels in refresh form
13 modified and improved environment for vertical design in Design & Tune module
14 Re size and re scale cross sections
15 support for imperial or user defined system
16 additional tools for selecting sections and profiles
17 Auto adjusted text heights in Paste HA and Paste VA modules.
18 Auto Adjusted positioning of vertical alignment data.
19 Auto Joining of pavement and shoulder segments in super elevated cross sections
20 Access of utilities module within Design Tools
21 adding more tools for modifying 2D and 3D PolyLines and much more.......

Bird's-eye View

Main objective of this free educational version of CivilStrips is to improve technical skills of civil engineers and quantity surveyors in Pakistan.  This application will not only reduce the time & labor of quantity surveyors & CAD technicians, spent in calculating earth work quantities but it will also open new doors in geometric design and analysis of roads & canals for both fresh and experienced civil engineers. Complete documentation in tutorial style along with working data files is provided, which will ease the learning process. Download educational version of

  CivilStrips V06.0.0.4 And Associated Educational HD Videos

Earthwork Quantities Specific

Also download Earthwork Varification System.pdf and Characteristics Of Geometric Design Of Roads And Canals.pdf

Application must be installed and run from
D:\AMS Animation Lab\CivilStrips_Edu 

Data files for tutorials are present at
D:\AMS Animation Lab\CivilStrips_Edu\CivilStrips_Features_Workshop_V02

Documentation is present at
D:\AMS Animation Lab\CivilStrips_Edu\Documentation

For Triangulation/Mapping module

run "vcredist_x86.exe" from RunTimes Folder

For Windows XP Users Service Pack 3 is required

"Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)" is also required
Service Pack 3 for XP and .NET4 can be downloaded from Microsoft web site

AutoCAD 2004, Windows XP or higher are application requirements.
After installation, Open AutoCAD, from tools Menu, select Load Application... Add 
D:\AMS Animation Lab\CivilStrips_Edu\Support\CivilStrips_AutoLoad.Fas 
file in startup suite. Close AutoCad and reopen it. Use Windows XP themes for better presentation of forms


AMS Animation Lab (amslab), a private organization, which is serving in the field of civil engineering like Geometric Design of Highways, Earthworks and Quantities, and Digital Mapping, facilitating both Govt. and private sectors since 1993. In 2007 amslab realized the need of computer software for professionals specially engaged in highways construction, who have sufficient knowledge & experience of their profession but lack of programming skills in order to automate their routine and Upcoming technical problems. So amslab started to integrate their 13 years professional experience and after the efforts of three year, multiple beta tests, successful use of application in their own and in some client’s offices is launching application with the name of CivilStrips. Although CivilStrips is mainly written for highways construction, it is also useful for water channels, rail tracks, runways and all places where earth works are involve.

List Of Video Tutorials --- "Road Design" Step by Step

02 Draw Horizontal Alignment

03 Extract Profile Data

04 Draw Parent Profile

05 Structures on Alignment

06 Editing Structure

07 Superelevation calculations

08 Draw Vertical Alignment

09 Create Child Profile

11 Extract NSL For X Sections

12 Extract FRL For X Sections

13 Creating Dynamic Template

14 Ploting X Sections

15 Adjusting X Sections

16 Adjusting X Sections